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Big Drip

Big Drip


8 ounce 100% hand poured, feathering palm wax candles with crackling wooden wicks. Each candle is embellished with corresponding crystal chips, herbs, fragrance, and color. These have a medium heat throw (won't quite fill a room, because this is a personal candle).


Money candle: White sage & Lavender scent


    Big Drip- Money candle: White sage & Lavender scent


    This one is also straight forward. Due to the nature of our business, each item is final sale. All descriptions are chock full of everything you need in order to make an informed ordering decision. The sizes, scent profile, color etc are all there for you to read, and we can be reached via message or email to answer and questions including additional information if necessary to give you a solid piece of mind.


    We do employ you to be 100% confident in your decision, as we will NOT grant any refunds unless it’s an error on our end. Store credit may be considered upon return of the item and by discretion of owner. 


    Our policy is pretty fair and straight forward. We utilize UPS 95% of the time, (obviously if you have a PO box or are in a super rural area, UPS won’t deliver to you without an extra large fee, and we don’t love that for you!). We use Pirate Ship which allows us to send almost all packages ground which is 2-3 business days. We're located in ATL so we’re centrally located to most people!


    As of this policy formation (Spring 2022) we do NOT offer international shipping, mainly because customs is super finicky and to be 100% honest, we don’t know specifics for each country as to what you can and cannot have shipped.


    For my domestic customers, please advise that all custom projects have a 5-10 day turn around time. I do all of the pieces by hand, they have to set, cure and be inspected before I send them to their new home (YOURS!) All posted products including baths, teas, and resin will have a 3-5 day turn around (Usually sooner but depending on volume, we plan for wiggle room).

  • Candle Care

    Our candles are formulated to reduce soot and smoke, however you must use your due diligence to practice safe candle use and care. By Acknowledging this, you hereby agree that lack of correct candle care and any transponding negative occurrences cause by negligent use is not at the fault of Trap Apothecary. 


    Here are candle care guidelines that will promote safe candle burning and longevity of candles:


    Allow the candle to burn for 2 hours at first use, then no longer than 4 hours at a time going forward. Trim your wick to ¼ inch before each use. Burn only on a flat surface. Keep away from children, pets, linens, and other flammables. Do NOT leave unattended while burning. 

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