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Doughnut Earrings

Doughnut Earrings


If you know me in real life, you know that I have the "homer Simpson" doughnut on tricep... why? Cause I like snacks *Duh*


All of these earrings are made of baked polymer clay and made individually, down to the sprinkles. The frosting colors may change or reflect current holidays.


* You can request a clip on for those who don't have piereced ears. This option is a $1 upcharge*


    These are baked polymer clay earrings with gold or silver colored dangly hardware. Each one is hand formed, so individual pairs may not reflect EXACTLY what you see in pictures.


    Please allow up to 5 business days processing time for shipped orders as business picks up.

    We only ship VIA UPS (USPS plays crackhead games and yall don't deserve crackhead prizes). Typically orders are delivered within 3 business days.

    If you're located in the ATL area or are willing to pickup, please use code "local" or choose the pickup option to avoid shipping charges and expedite your order processing time. With this option, your order WILL NOT be mailed, unless you request it, at which point you will be invoced for shipping.


    Because all items are made by hand, we only accept returns at our discretion. This might be upsetting, and we understand that, but our time is valuable, so is yours. With that, we ask you to purchase with confidence. Read the product desription, look at the pictures, message us with any questions.


    Returns, if granted, will be in form of store credit, and all charge backs will be disputed based on this policy which you accept by purchasing from our site.

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