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Body ButterMousse

Body ButterMousse

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I LOVEEEEE body butter! It nurishes, it feels good, it's natural, what's not to love? Welllll, the heaviness during the warm months, the greasiness because wellll *Shae*, the chalky feel from the added cornstarch to make it "less greasy". I hated ALL of that. And that's where the souffle was created!


Super light, no cornstarch, hemp butter based to fully enrich your skin, and whipped so it's super light for year round use!


Original recipe is non fragranced for customers with scent sensetivity


    Ingredients: Distilled water, glycerine, xantham gum, agave, hemp butter, shae butter, sweet almond oil, emulsifyer, cetearyl alchohol, preservative, vitamin E


    Please advise that all orders will have a 2-3 day processing time, we ship Monday-Friday, and recognize all major holidays. ALL of our bath and body items are made from scratch, there are no bases, so when there are higher temperatures, your items MAY arrive slightly softer than normal. Simply set them in a room temp area and allow to fully firm back to perfection :)


    The items purchased are made by hand, they are all consumable which means they are non returnable. With that being said, we want all of our customers to LOVE their experience, so we ask that you purchase with care and pay attention to scents, lack there of, colors, sizes, ingredients, etc. Refunds will be issued as STORE CREDIT ONLY, or a replacment item may be sent. Both of these options are at the discretion of owner or management.

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