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What The Smudge?!

We’ve all heard about the ritual that’s quickly becoming “trendy” but what is smudging? Why is it “a thing”? Where did it come from? I know most people don’t care enough to ask, but here are the answers anyway!

Smudging is the ceremonial act of cleansing, cleaning, or blessing your space, self & tools. It’s an ancient cultural ritual, established by native American cultures. So, why smudge? Simply to get rid of unwanted energy, from the day or encounters. Also to “reset” your home balance. Sage is also anti-microbial, can cleanse impurities and pathogens, and also be an insect repellent! It can clear the air of common allergens, dust, mold, and pet dander. But you can smudge with other herbs… Not just Sage! Check out the following list!

1) Cedar- Masculine-fire-sun

Drives out negative energy, brings/influences, brings new homes, promotes healing, purification, money & protection.

2) Sage- Masculine- Jupiter- Air

Mood altering & energy clearing, used in mediation, purification, commonly burned after a fight or removal of a toxic house mate

3) Sweet grass- Braided grass, when burnt is light and sweet. Typically burned after sage.

4) Frankincense- masculine-sun-fire

Dried resin of the African Olibanum tree associated with meditation. healing, cleansing & soul protecting, An herb to burn in hospice, to help ease the tension of death when they need to let go.

5) Myrrh- Feminine-moon-water

Historically, it was used to heal & embalm bodies. Commonly used now for meditation, spirituality, happiness, transformation, strength, confidence, stability.

6) Rose Petals- Feminine -Venus- water

Burn for peace, love, romance & Meditation.

7) Lavender- Masculine- Mercury- Air

Release a light, refreshing scent, peace, restful sleep, & Happiness. Can be burned to combat insomnia, depression, grief, sorrow, & Anxiety,

8) Juniper- Masculine-Sun-Fire

Used to invigorate the mind, & body when tired. Also used for protection, love anti-theft, & health.

9) Mugwort- Feminine- Venus- Earth

Used to cleanse energies & get rid of negativity, can also stimulate dreams, therefore burned before bed is best.

10) Rosemary- Masculine- Sun- Fire

When burned, emits powerful cleansing, & Purifying vibrations, & Smoldered to rid of allocation of negativity, a general substitution for Frankincense.


Palo Santos

A wild tree native from Peru & Venezuela. A sweet, fragrant wood, called “Hollywood” or “wood of the saints”. Used to bless & Purify, your spirit & personal space.


Fresh Spring water & sea salt. “cleanse & purify with the glory of nature”. Dip sprig & Sprinkle, room, people, objects, to cleanse & bless.

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