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It's MEEE, Mario <3

Okay, so obvi, I'm not Mario, but as a 90's kid, I can't ever resist saying that *Kanye shrug*

Anywho! Hi! Hello! I'm Jay, I go by @dorklite on social media. I'm a chef by trade and training, server/bartender by love and choice. I've been in the service industry for the better part of 14 years, I'm a dog and reptile mom, man connoisseur, Fayetteville NC native, Army brat, open relationship guru, strip club lover ,herbalist, gardener, shit talker, modern witch bitch, bonus mom and over all weirdo in every day life. I've been asked several times what my name (Dorklite) means; and it's real simple to be honest. U started dorklite in college, maybe late high school,when I was only slightly dorky. Not a big enough dork to be full bodied, but I couldn't and still can't deny it. SOOO BOOM! Dorklite was born.

Anyway, I like to say I'm normal, but what's normal? It goes to say that I don't super care about other people's opinions of me, because that just aint my business. My parents, love and support me, my friends let me live, so I do just that, I live my best life out here in these streets. For the most part, I say what you're thinking, and at some point you're gonna think "Bruh I hate her"... you don't. Just relax, you'll be back next week lol.

So with that, settle in buttercup! Buckle up! Love hard, and let's get weird :))))

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