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Trap Apothecary

Holistic recipes

for the mundane

Bath time
  is self care...

It's a VIRGO celebration

The Blog
of all Blogs!

Get em before
they're GONE!

Soothe from
the inside with
our herbal teas..

Vegan Friendly


What's up!! Welcome Home! I'm Janessa-aka Dork_lite. Trap Apothecary is a labor of love, created to give you a holistic option for body, spirit and mind health.

We have all sorts of things from vegan friendly candles & smudges, to organic ingredient based body wash, men's care, feminine care, and more! We're located in Atlanta, GA, but Trap Apothecary was born in Charlotte NC. We're black owned & woman owned [if you're curious :) ]

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